Can we do a trade shoot?

If I've sent you this hidden link, then the answer is yes.. and please read this whole page so expectations are clear.

the bottom line:

  • I don't care how long we shoot and how many outfits.. the shoot is the fun part. 
  • The final delivered images are fully retouched, and at a good solid web resolution like the ones you see in my portfolio.
  • I budget about 4 hours post production and editing for a shoot which means you should end up with at least 8 fully retouched high quality images from our trade.  2 of my favorites, and 6 that you choose from proofs.   It depends on how much retouching I have to do on skin and clothing (You should iron them!)
  • If you would like more than that we can work something out.
  • I deliver as quickly as I can, usually within a few days, but paying clients take priority so if I"m really busy it could be longer.
  • Important :: Trade shoots are at my studio :: which is a custom space in my house. . see below.

I don't watermark images!!.. 

.. because watermarks are an eyesore.  When I see beautiful images with strategically placed watermarks to capture attention it bugs me, so I'm not going to do that to you.    Please play nice in return!  If you post to social media please credit  Keifer Hunniford Photography (facebook or IG pages) as the shooter.  That's fair, right?  Unless I'm posting to some obscure technical photography group I'll definitely do the same and tag you.

Yes, my studio is in my house..

.. and it's bad ass.  Check out the details here.  My house was built by an artist and half of the upstairs is an artist studio that is great for photography.   There's also a private changing area / bathroom with plenty of space for makeup and laying out outfits. 

If you have concerns about going to someones house who you don't know.. well that seems normal to me!  If you're in the modeling scene then you will probably know someone I've worked with.  Check out my Instagram page and see who you recognize,.  If not, I can give you contact details of models who I use as a reference.   Also, feel free to bring someone along with you to our shoot.  That's very normal.

What do I expect from a model in a trade shoot?

Treat it like you're paying for it.  Show up on time ready to work  (unless we're going to do hair and makeup here) and have your outfits clean and wrinkle free!


I hear some photographers deliver all the photos they take.

That's true..  straight out of the camera with little or no post production and I'm quite sure no retouching.. probably with less work that I put in to proofs!   There are plenty of people with cameras out there who will snap your photo for free.  There are certainly plenty of guys out there who will shoot pretty women for free - if that's what you want, then go for it!  

I hear photographer X is great and delivers a zillion images for free!

Could be!   Go for it!  I'm not trying to push hard for a sale here.  I'm not even trying to say I'm the best in town.  I'm just telling you what my deal is, and  I believe that I'll attract the right people to work with me.  If that's you, great.  if not, no hard feelings!

Trade photographers usually watermark photos?

Yes.. even paid shoots sometimes!  I've seen many great photos where the eye is drawn to a crappy watermark, or where the image is cropped to highlight custom placement of a watermark!  My philosophy is that it's MY job to market my business, not yours.. but that it's good for BOTH of us if we tag each other when posting to social media.  Kharma and all that.

what's the deal with the proofs?

Proofs are a low resolution images (1000px wide)  that help you choose your favorites.  They should NOT be shared although no doubt some people will - but that's between them and kharma.  The reason I don't want them shared is that they are not retouched, not  optimized, and not even cropped.  They aren't up to the standard that I demand of myself for final images.  It's also ripping me off because if you take advantage of the proofs you're limiting my income from charging for extra final images.

I have a friend and you shot them for free and gave them lots of photos!

Yup.  There are models who took a chance on me before I had a portfolio and I gave them so much free stuff it made their heads spin - and I still will for some of them.  They are a part of my success and ongoing collaboration is a FAIR TRADE.  I also sometimes have different rules for people who have 10,000+ followers or some other asset that is equal in value to my post production time. 

What about copyright of images and other rights?

In the US the photographer is the holder of copyright of an image,  and in our agreement you are given a limited  license to use it.  In a trade shoot models have the license to use images to further their careers by including in portfolios, post on social media etc, but you don't in any way own rights to allow them to be published by magazines,  to sell them as prints etc.   The standard legal language is " cannot sell them or use them for other commercial purposes".  As a general rule, if you're going to use the photos for something other than your portfolio or social media it's best to ask.  

Before submitting photos to competitions or magazines, talk to me first.   The terms and conditions you likely have to accept might be wackadoodle doo.  Some state that by entering a photo you are signing over copyright of the image,  but in the US the photographer is the copyright holder - so your entry into the competition is junk.  These terms are often very unfair, and sometimes predatory. It all gets really messy if you WIN because they will ask you for  release forms, and copyright proof that you don't have.

Likewise, I as the photographer can use them in my portfolio,  social media etc, but can't without your permission use them for other commercial gain.  For example,  I would need your permission to sell them as prints, or use them for stock photography.   In terms of other rights,  if images contain nudity or implied nudity I think it is an appropriate courtesy to allow the model to decide if any image should remain private.  If nude or implied nude images are cleared for public use,  we should jointly agreement  where they can be shared along the social scale of  e.g.  Facebook vs Instagram vs Modelmayhem.